Sunday, January 22, 2006

John Ruskin

One of the supreme communicators of all countries and all times, Ruskin - artist, critic, radical social thinker, revolutionary economist, pioneer "Green" and eco-warrior, conservationist, and seer - was a lateral thinker of genius who inspired much of what is now taken for granted at "the British way of life" from the Welfare State to the National Trust. His influence stretched from educational reform to public museums.

A century after his death, his ideas have much to offer in the new Millenium. He changed the world.

"John Ruskin is one of the most remarkable men not only of England and our time, but of all countries and all times."

Leo Tolstoy

He inspired the Pre-Raphaelites, prophesised climate change and almost single-handedly rescued the cultural heritage of Venice. Tolstoy, Gandhi, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust and Frank Lloyd Wright can be numbered amongst his many disciples.


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